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Facility data are at the core of environmental regulatory processes at all levels of government. Knowing a facility’s name, ownership, location, and characteristics is key to gaining a comprehensive picture of environmental impacts. Together with critical environmental data such as ambient air and water quality data, census figures, and other demographic information, facility data can enable partner agencies to better protect human health and the environment.

The E-Enterprise Facility Team is pleased to announce the availability of a new web service that enables partners to query facility data in real-time. The team developed and piloted the expanded web service with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. The expanded service provides partners a real-time, comprehensive view of facility data in the Federal Registry Service (FRS). Partners can leverage the new web service as part of public web searches or embed the query service call within state systems to augment state facility search results with real-time information from FRS.

The sharing of integrated facility identity information between EPA and its partner agencies is critical to achieving the vision of E-Enterprise. For more information about the new service, click here or contact Matthew Kelly of the E-Enterprise Facility Team.