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Advanced Monitoring Strategy and Implementation

Helping agencies understand, select, approve, and use an array of new environmental monitoring technologies.

Be Well Informed

User-friendly web application that helps private well owners understand their water test results.

Combined Air Emissions Reporting (CAER)

Developing a process for reporting to four air databases, including the National Emissions Inventory, via delegated state programs.

Community and Citizen Science Initiative

Citizen and community science data can provide information that would otherwise not be available due to time, geographic, or resource constraints.  For that reason, these data are increasingly used to supplement environmental data collected by EPA, states, and tribes. Citizen science has applications in most environmental areas. Regulators are beginning to use citizen science data…

Compliance Learning Agenda

OECA is working through E-Enterprise to partner with states and tribes to help shape the future of national enforcement and compliance by: Developing a Compliance Learning Agenda Establishing a community of practice to continue to support ongoing projects and plan for future projects, and Encouraging stakeholders to collaborate on research projects. EPA’s Office of Enforcement…

Data Standards for Continuous Monitoring Data

Identifying and evaluating existing data standards that meet the needs of EPA, states, and tribes seeking to use advanced monitoring sensors.

Decision Support Tools for RCRA Waste Generators

Provided design assistance for a mobile-accessible tool to help facilities determine their generator status other RCRA requirements.

Disaster Debris Recovery Tool

An interactive tool for disaster response and planning experts with data on recyclers and landfills capable of managing disaster debris.

E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform (EECIP)

Online community for E-Enterprise partners to share and search projects, answer discussion questions, and connect with peers across agencies.

E-Enterprise Digital Strategy

The E-Enterprise Digital Strategy represents a shared vision among E-Enterprise partners to better coordinate their IT systems and services, improve collaboration using shared data, and reimagine ways to use technology to achieve better environmental outcomes and provide more responsive services to the public and the regulated community. The E-Enterprise Digital Strategy provides a set of…

E-Enterprise Portal

E-Enterprise piloted a user-friendly web platform to streamline the way in which users from all sectors access environmental information and conduct two-way transactions. The portal was retired on December 31, 2020.

E-Reporting Tribal Water Quality Decisions

Modernizing tribal water quality tracking and reporting.