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Our Vision and Value

E-Enterprise supports the environment, public health and the economy by modernizing the business of environmental protection.

Our Vision

The public and the regulated community expect transactions under environmental programs to be modern and efficient.  Yet, the evolving relationship of the U.S. EPA, states, territories, and tribes over more than four decades is reflected in environmental programs developed under statutes that have used different approaches and funding mechanisms to address varied environmental problems.

While these programs have achieved dramatic improvements in environmental quality, opportunities exist to improve services and the delivery of environmental and public health protection, through collaborative joint governance, technology and access to trusted information.

Through E-Enterprise for the Environment, U.S. EPA, states, territories, and tribes are working together to transform the way we implement programs, as a shared responsibility, into a national enterprise for environmental protection that will benefit the regulated community and the public as well as governments and co-regulators.

Our Value

We streamline processes.

Co-regulators will have a simplified way to share notification of new or updated regulations and reporting requirements through the E-Enterprise for the Environment Portal.

This will provide timely information to regulated entities and improve efficiencies from regulation to compliance. E-Enterprise for the Environment will also utilize smart tools to guide regulated entities through the regulatory reporting process.

We deliver access to trusted information.

Citizens and the regulated communities will have improved access to the environmental information they need.

The public can easily access environmental information that is important to them, with a greater degree of transparency and openness.

We enhance productivity.

The tools and technology available to co-regulators are enhanced by mobile applications, online portals, smart tools and other investments in information technology.

Streamlining processes and using smarter tools produces improved efficiency making co-regulators more productive. In turn, these productivity benefits also help regulated entities by reducing the time it takes to report and manage compliance.

E-Enterprise for the Environment helps regulated entities and co-regulators save time and improve efficiencies when managing environmental reporting and compliance.