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E-Enterprise has a history of leveraging interactive information-sharing tools and remote meeting functionality to support its collaborative, multi-party governance structure across EPA, states, and tribes. This culture of collaboration and extensive online experience has enabled E-Enterprise leadership to seamlessly transition upcoming gatherings into virtual meetings and conduct business operations virtually, as a necessary response to COVID-19.

E-Enterprise uses multiple digital tools to keep partners up to speed with current and emerging information, and to allow them to come together to exchange ideas and best practices. E-Enterprise partners are connected through a collaborative community platform that houses information and activities related to regular meetings, ongoing E-Enterprise projects and initiatives, and various valuable resources developed or shared by members. Additionally, participants use video conferences, webinars, and online trainings to share strategies associated with E-Enterprise projects and activities.

Last month, the planned, in-person E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC) gathering was converted into an engaging and well-executed virtual event. The EELC agenda was condensed to closely address a few time-critical topics in order to achieve active and meaningful dialogue.

Open and meaningful collaborative engagement, key to shared governance, ensures that partners stay connected and maintain a positive and productive working environment during this national crisis. E-Enterprise has embraced this collaboration through its many platforms, including the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform, the E-Enterprise and Exchange Network websites, and various publications and email notifications that provide timely announcements. Taken together, these virtual information-sharing resources are flexible and primed to play a significant role in ensuring that E-Enterprise remains a relevant and accessible collaborative resource, particularly during this challenging time.