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As part of its effort to promote timely permit review, E-Enterprise for the Environment recently hosted a webinar spotlighting work of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) on a state electronic permitting system. MassDEP worked with state partners to first streamline processes, and then develop and deploy a scalable e-permitting platform using standard components and workflows for MassDEP, the Department of Agricultural Resources, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

MassDEP developed eight standard workflows encompassing 258 permit types, as well as 15 data standards including address, entity/actor, location, revenue, public comments, and facility/site. Standardized reusable components within each permit application form include fees provisions, signature and certification, and application submitted page.

To learn more, visit the ePermitting ePLACE portal or Information Data portal, or contact Victoria Phillips of MassDEP.