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Environmental protection agencies continue to collaborate through E-Enterprise to plan the modernization of EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) – a data system that underpins many of the nation’s regulatory programs for air and water. Consistent with the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy, the ICIS Modernization Board (IMB) is guiding a process to gather input on a draft Concept of Operations (ConOps).

Ultimately, the ConOps will:

  • Describe the desired future state for the programs that use the new solution,
  • Document desired high-level workflows, and
  • Capture core business needs of affected state, federal, and local media and regulatory support programs.

In the second half of 2021, EPA, states, and local agencies participated in a series of engagement sessions designed to gather input from partners in air, water, and IT programs. Participants shared information on their current workflows, challenges with the existing ICIS system, and key capabilities and characteristics of a modernized solution.

Input from the engagement sessions informed the development of a first draft ConOps document that captures the current state of partner workflows and interactions with ICIS. After a full review by the IMB, EPA published the first draft of the ConOps in March 2022. The same month, the IMB commissioned workgroups to scope proposed steps and shared expectations for the next phase of work to define the desired future state. The ConOps will be a living document that will evolve with these forthcoming discussions about the desired future state for a new solution.

With this modernization, EPA aims to develop a solution that will lower operating costs and support forthcoming electronic reporting requirements. The Agency is also prioritizing modular development and shared services to reduce partners’ information technology investments and maximize the system’s adaptability. The modernization presents an opportunity to take a fresh look at current workflows and build a flexible and efficient system that can respond to future business needs.

For more information on ICIS modernization, please contact Rob Cannon of EPA or visit the ICIS Modernization Board project page.