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In November 2021, representatives across media areas, EPA, states, tribes, and community organizations attended a three-day virtual workshop hosted by EPA to discuss participatory science data management. Participatory science is a useful resource for improving environmental protection and engaging community members. The workshop kickstarted the development of a roadmap for improving participatory science data management that aims to ease data integration and data use in new and existing programs.

Recognizing the complexity and nuance of improving data management processes, the workshop brought together thought leaders from around the country for structured conversation around the lifecycle of data collection, management, sharing, and use. Preparation for this workshop included the development of 12 case studies detailing successful participatory science initiatives, which can be found online.

The roadmap is still under development, and more outreach is underway to expand input by EPA, states, tribes, and community groups collecting data. By the end of 2022, EPA hopes to use this collaboration to establish a strategy for how the Agency will use participatory science data and the data requirements to support that use. Including E-Enterprise members and their expertise in this endeavor has been a useful collaboration for the EPA effort.

For more information or to participate in this effort, please contact Heather Drumm of EPA’s Office or Research and Development.