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The E-Enterprise Digital Strategy, referenced throughout this issue, is one way that E-Enterprise is working to bring partners together to build a collective vision and promote the sharing of IT resources and best practices. Adopted in 2019, the Digital Strategy sets principles and strategic actions to help agencies coordinate their technology investments and transform environmental protection. E-Enterprise is now taking key steps to build upon and implement this strategy through a series of sprints.

The focus of the current Application Program Interfaces (APIs) sprint is investigating how to develop and manage a successful ecosystem of APIs between E-Enterprise partners. APIs are essential because they help applications exchange data and communicate with each other. The sprint results are intended to assist environmental agencies in their use of APIs by helping them design and build for interoperability and openness and ensure data assets are available for use within agencies, between agencies, in the private sector, or by citizens.

The Digital Strategy principles are currently being applied to the modernization of the state Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) and will also be applied to the Integrated Compliance Information System modernization effort. The SDWIS State Modernization effort, featured below, is a prime example of the use of the Digital Strategy principles as demonstrated through its support of water primacy agency engagement in the planning and development phases of the system redesign.

To inform the continued development and implementation of the Digital Strategy, the team seeks to leverage and share partner lessons learned and best practices. If you have a use case to share, please comment in the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform. More information on the Digital Strategy is available at the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy site.