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The E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC) held its spring meeting on April 7 and 8, marking a full year of successful EELC activities leveraging virtual meeting tools. While many EELC members noted that they look forward to meeting in person again, convening virtual meetings has enabled increased participation and allowed members to hear from a wide variety of project representatives. The E-Enterprise community has clearly demonstrated our resiliency and the significance of this ongoing partnership in the face of the pandemic as we continue collaborating, learning from each other, and sharing new project ideas.

The spring meeting focused on three key areas: data-driven compliance assurance efforts, data management practices for community and citizen science, and the lessons learned from coordinated risk communications during initial response. EELC members also shared progress on a number of ongoing projects including:

For a quick glance of E-Enterprise project milestones please see our most recent ‘E-Enterprise by the Numbers’ infographic.

In the course of the meeting, members identified key actions for the EELC and introduced potential areas for future consideration, such as environmental justice and climate change, which involve all partners. Key decisions included:

  • The EELC expressed support for a workshop and collaborative roadmap for data management practices using community science data and confirmed their interest in engaging in the draft roadmap once completed.
  • The EELC affirmed its support for the ongoing development of the Compliance Learning Agenda by EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, a collaboration with states, tribes, and the academic community to improve the effectiveness of enforcement and compliance programs.
  • Finally the EELC agreed to continue conversations and knowledge sharing around risk communication in emerging situations to help all partners work on cross-agency coordination to support more consistent, responsive, and clear messaging.

The EELC will continue to explore these topics at subsequent meetings throughout 2021. The next two-day meeting is scheduled for fall 2021. For more information on any of these topics or on upcoming meetings, please contact Dana Stefan of Ross Strategic.