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EPA has been providing states with Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) state software since the 1990s to help them implement the Public Water System Supervision Program under the Safe Drinking Water Act. This suite of software enables drinking water programs to: manage water system inventory information; receive and manage large volumes of system compliance monitoring data; manage sampling and monitoring schedules; determine candidate drinking water rules violations via the Compliance Determination Subsystem; and track enforcement. It also provides tools for required quarterly reporting of violations, inventory, and actions data to EPA’s SDWIS Fed database. This software is in need of modernization.


The SDWIS Modernization effort aims to identify a technical solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders while using a development approach that aligns with and operationalizes the principles identified in the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy.

This modernization effort is expected to reduce state data management work and enhance the timeliness and accuracy of drinking water data transferred between drinking water systems, primacy agencies, and EPA.


  • The first phase of SDWIS Modernization has been kicked off. This phase focuses on developing an Alternatives Analysis of technical options in order to select the best option for modernizing SDWIS.
  • EPA has formed a SDWIS Modernization Board made up of EPA and state representatives to guide system modernization efforts and has developed a Charter to direct the first phase of work.
  • The Board has initiated the process of conducting an Alternatives Analysis by developing evaluation criteria to weigh against possible modernization options.


  • Phase One: this current phase is ongoing through July 2020.
  • Phase Two: the second phase will focus on development of the SDWIS modernization solution and is expected to start in Fall 2020.


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