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E-Enterprise for the Environment aims to enhance the business of environmental protection using collaborative e-program modernization, process streamlining, and transformative information technologies. The principles embedded in the E-Enterprise Conceptual Blueprint lay the foundation for that vision. Building on the blueprint, the recently published E-Enterprise Digital Strategy sets a framework to help environmental agencies voluntarily coordinate their technology investments and develop an enterprise that is customer and information-centric, and based on shared platforms and services. 

At their November meeting, E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC) members discussed ways to operationalize these E-Enterprise principles and strategies within environmental programs. The EELC considered using planned modernization of national program systems to rethink past practices, optimize workflows, and build flexible data platforms that can adapt to the needs of evolving environmental programs. 

In addition, the EELC discussed a set of shared expectations that could form the basis of collaborative new approach to program and system modernization. These expectations emphasize multi-stakeholder discussions about future business needs, program operations, and data management solutions. 

In the months ahead, E-Enterprise will convene discussions of ways to develop this approach and apply it to planned system modernization for drinking water and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Please consider contributing your time and expertise to these conversations.  

As these opportunities develop, they will be announced through the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform. Please create or update your profile in the platform to receive these important updates.  

For more information, contact Kurt Rakouskas of ECOS.