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In June, state, tribal, and EPA members of the E-Enterprise and Exchange Network Management Board and the Interoperability and Operations Team started developing a roadmap that will guide implementation of the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy. Recently adopted by the E-Enterprise Leadership Council, the Digital Strategy will help agencies voluntarily coordinate their technology investments and collectively harness the power of technology to transform environmental protection. This Strategy, which builds on the foundation laid by the Exchange Network, proposes a high-level framework for an environmental enterprise that is Customer-Centric, Information-Centric, and based on Shared Platforms and Services. The roadmap advances the Strategy and will set specific implementation steps, timelines, and responsibilities along the path to a more responsive and efficient enterprise. Paired with a forthcoming architecture, the roadmap will clarify:

  • The portfolio and timing of E-Enterprise shared services
  • How to connect with those services and build software that is interoperable and
  • How to plan technology investments supported by a broadly shared vision.

To follow progress, contact Vince Allen of EPA or Kurt Rakouskas of ECOS.