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On Thursday, September 17th, E-Enterprise convened its fourth webinar for the virtual EE2020 national meeting. The webinar was a conversation about the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy, which represents a shared vision to help environmental agencies:

  • Better coordinate their IT systems and services;
  • Improve collaboration using shared data, and;
  • Reimagine ways to use technology to achieve better environmental outcomes and provide more responsive services to the public and the regulated community.

This webinar began with a brief introduction to the key principles of the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy and a conversation about how the drinking water program is applying it to the modernization of the Safe Drinking Water Information System. The bulk of the webinar focused on the Information-Centric principle of the E-Enterprise Digital Strategy. We explored examples that show how agencies are making their data available as a service and the benefits of doing so.

You can access a recording of the webinar by clicking here. E-Enterprise will continue to hold virtual EE2020 webinars throughout the year, so please stay tuned, sign up, and don’t forget to join the conversation on the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform.