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On Thursday, October 8th, E-Enterprise convened its fifth webinar for the virtual EE2020 national meeting. The webinar was a conversation about community science, or the involvement of the public in expanding scientific knowledge and understanding. This session showcased results from an EPA-funded project at the Environmental Law Institute that is assessing how different state and tribal environmental programs use community science.

  • Learn about different types of state and tribal community science programs that can serve as models;
  • Analyze different programs’ operations and best practices, and;
  • Engage the audience in their ideas for how EPA, states and tribes can better partner on community science programs.

Panelists will include state and tribal leaders responsible for managing programs with expertise in the data collection process and subsequent data management needs.

You can access a recording of the webinar by clicking here. E-Enterprise will continue to hold virtual EE2020 webinars throughout the year, so please stay tuned, sign up, and don’t forget to join the conversation on the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform.