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With the novel coronavirus disrupting normal workflows across government, industries, and organizations worldwide, agency staff are scrambling for new and effective ways to stay connected with their colleagues and keep work moving forward. This type of challenge is a major focus of E-Enterprise for the Environment. If you’re looking for COVID-related solutions or want to share your own, please visit the E-Enterprise Community Inventory Platform (EECIP). This is a secure online community and living project inventory for staff of federal, state, local, and tribal environmental agencies to connect with their peers.

EECIP is open to all government agency personnel, and registration approval is automatic and instantaneous for users with emails at typical public sector domain names. Don’t worry if you haven’t previously been involved with E-Enterprise; the content subject matter on EECIP spans the entire range of environmental and IT topics.

There is a discussion underway on the site focusing on remote work strategies and programmatic innovations to deal with the crisis. Please join and contribute your projects or discussion comments!