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E-Enterprise Application Programming Interface (API) Framework

The E-Enterprise and Exchange Network API Management Framework provides E-Enterprise partners with an overarching API vision and a shared management framework to fully take advantage of APIs and support powerful collaboration on their joint development. E-Enterprise partners will develop APIs in different ways and for different uses. The framework does not seek to standardize API development but instead identifies common areas for sharing best practices that support the development of APIs that can be used across partners.

Executive Summary

Full API Framework

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API Collaboration Space Lessons Learned

The API Framework describes a set of tools that E-Enterprise partners and their user community will need to support the planning, design, implementation, collaboration and communication about their API development work, one of which is an E-Enterprise API collaboration Site. To better understand how development teams are using APIs to solve business challenges and understand how an API Collaboration Site could strengthen the development and use of APIs, the Digital Strategy Team interviewed API development teams who have successfully built APIs as part of their development strategy. The API Collaboration Spaces Lessons Learned Report provides an overview of the findings.

The following are the use cases developed from the interviews and research: