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The E-Enterprise Data Standards Team issued recommendations regarding existing standards used for continuous monitoring data. The report, Data Standards for Continuous Monitoring Data: An Evaluation and Recommendation, evaluates existing data standards that meet the needs of U.S. EPA, states, and tribes that want to use advanced monitoring sensors.

Many entities collect continuous monitoring data in inconsistent formats and at varying levels of quality, making it difficult for EPA, states, tribes, and others to manage and use the data. The Data Standards Team, under the guidance of the E-Enterprise Advanced Monitoring Steering Committee, evaluated and recommended data standards for use in continuous monitoring data systems.


States, tribes and EPA can use these data standard recommendations to:

  • Improve the use of advanced monitoring data by government agencies within existing and emerging programmatic and regulatory frameworks
  • Increase awareness of the importance of data quality and its impact on the usefulness of the data and
  • Facilitate use of data collected by citizens and others through increased data quality.


The team’s report used the following approach:

  • Developed use cases that support the needs of EPA, states and tribes;
  • Developed a set of criteria and evaluated existing standards against criteria
  • Interviewed standards providers and users about their data standard needs;
  • Requested and received reviews of the report from multiple federal agencies; and
  • Tested the data standards in two projects that performed successfully.


The team plans to develop a sensor architecture that will support the management of disparate and high-volume data. The team then can focus on metadata standards, namely a set of metadata elements that would allow EPA, states, and tribes to integrate data.