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National and state governments interact cooperatively to advance the understanding and use of real-time data generated by emerging technologies. This project includes components that aim to promote quality data, identify new technologies as they come on the market, communicate short-term data to the public, and standardize data collection.


A new strategic approach is needed to address the rapid increase of environmental monitors and the resulting data. The Advanced Monitoring Project aims to provide a knowledge base for agencies to understand, select, approve, and use the array of new environmental monitoring technologies.


  • Facilitates efficient industrial process and pollution control, including more efficient leak detection
  • Empowers individuals to make personal behavioral decisions such as choosing to forgo a jog during the peak occurrence of certain pollutants
  • Reduces reliance on government resources


U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation:

  • Third Party Certification Team hosted a workshop deliberating performance targets for PM2.5 and Ozone monitors
  • Data Interpretation Team developed two beta websites interpreting real-time sensor data alongside regulatory monitors

EPA Office of Water:

  • Data Standards Team issued recommendations regarding existing standards used for continuous monitoring data

EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance:

  • Scan & Screen Network Team created a clearinghouse with information about new technologies for states, locals, tribes, and EPA offices- click here to access the clearinghouse on EECIP


  • Third-Party Certification Team will develop performance targets and standards