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Water Quality Projects

Advanced Monitoring Strategy and Implementation

The Advanced Monitoring Project aims to advocate and provide a knowledge base for agencies to understand, select, approve and utilize the array of new environmental monitoring technologies.

Assistance Gateway

The Assistance Gateway addresses a need expressed by local governments and tribes to gain easy access to a curated suite of decision making tools and resources to improve environmental infrastructure, compliance, critical assets, health, and sustainability. The gateway facilitates local and tribal agencies’ access to easy-to-use tools that will enable them to make better decisions, save staff time and money, and provide higher levels of service to community members.

E-Enterprise Facility Team (Phase II)

The E-Enterprise Facility Team is seeking to bridge disparate sources of facility data and develop a more comprehensive approach to: 1) enable the regulated community to streamline data collection and reporting requirements and 2) provide a shared facility ID approach to cross-program coordination and access to public information.

Interoperable Watersheds Network

Use of new, inexpensive water quality monitoring sensors has increased substantially in recent years, producing large amounts of data that lack a consistent format, are difficult to find and use, and are of variable quality. The Interoperable Watersheds Network (IWN) project is focused on defining a common set of data formats and standards, and testing and validating both the standards and new methods of sharing data.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) E-Reporting Rule Implementation Plan Integrated Project Team (IPT)

The NPDES E-Reporting Rule Implementation Plan IPT is meant to help authorized States, Territories, and Tribes think through all the major tasks related to Phase 2 electronic reporting. It clearly communicates to EPA how each authorized program intends to implement Phase 2 electronic reporting. The IP can also be used to share information and advice between authorized NPDES programs to help ease implementation of electronic reporting.

State Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) Prime

CHALLENGE The legacy SDWIS State system was originally deployed to the drinking water primacy agencies over ten years ago. Since that time, the technology used to build the system has become obsolescent. Providing user support and updating SDWIS State to handle the latest drinking water rules is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, the system…

Tribal Water Quality Data Roadmap

This tool helps Clean Water Act Section 106-eligible tribes submit their data to U.S. EPA’s Water Quality Exchange (WQX).