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Combined Air Emissions Reporting (CAER)

Developing a process for reporting to four air databases, including the National Emissions Inventory, via delegated state programs.

E-Enterprise Digital Strategy

E-Enterprise is developing a Digital Strategy to help agencies voluntarily coordinate their technology investments and collectively harness the power of technology to transform environmental protection. The strategy, which builds on the foundation laid by the Exchange Network, proposes a high-level framework for an environmental enterprise that is customer-centric, information-centric, and based on shared platforms and…

E-Enterprise Portal

A user-friendly web platform that will streamline the way in which users from all sectors access environmental information and conduct two-way transactions.

Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) Modernization Phase I

This work aims to deliver new system capabilities supporting EPA’s Public Water System Supervision program.

Smart Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors

Improving field inspection quality, consistency, and efficiency using mobile devices.

SPeCS for SIPs: State Plan Electronic Collaboration System for State Implementation Plans

A web-based system that facilitates states’ access to State Implementation Plans (SIPs) throughout their life cycle.