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Shared Services Projects

Assistance Gateway

The Assistance Gateway addresses a need expressed by local governments and tribes to gain easy access to a curated suite of decision making tools and resources to improve environmental infrastructure, compliance, critical assets, health, and sustainability. The gateway facilitates local and tribal agencies’ access to easy-to-use tools that will enable them to make better decisions, save staff time and money, and provide higher levels of service to community members.

E-Enterprise Facility Team (Phase II)

The E-Enterprise Facility Team is seeking to bridge disparate sources of facility data and develop a more comprehensive approach to: 1) enable the regulated community to streamline data collection and reporting requirements and 2) provide a shared facility ID approach to cross-program coordination and access to public information.

E-Enterprise for the Environment Portal

The E-Enterprise for the Environment Portal is a new user-friendly web platform that will modernize the way in which the public, the regulated community, and environmental co-regulators locate and exchange important information and conduct two-way environmental transactions.

E-Enterprise Integrated Identity Solution (ISOL) Project

U.S. EPA’s Identity Bridge was created to consolidate redundant online permit system authentication processes by allowing end users to access multiple partner applications with their credential of choice from a selection of partner identity providers. The E-Enterprise Integrated Identity Solution (ISOL) Project will analyze and recommend steps to decrease the work required for Exchange Network partners to integrate their online applications into the Identity Bridge framework.

E-Enterprise Inventory

Funded by ECOS, the E-Enterprise Inventory is a new project currently under development. An online community and living project inventory, the Inventory will be a place where users can go to ask questions of their peers and to find members of other state and/or tribal agencies who might be working on similar projects. The resource will have a broad focus, including IT, process improvement, and advanced monitoring, along with traditional topics such as Nodes and Flows.

e-Manifest for Hazardous Waste

E-Manifest is the national electronic tracking system for transportation of Hazardous Waste.

Shared Services Integrated Project Team (IPT) Phase 1

The Shared Services IPT set out to create a roadmap for development, publication, and use of shared services. The IPT’s August 2016 report provides a set of 14 recommendations for future phases of work, accross nine workstreams to provide structure and guidance to service developers and users.

Smart Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors

Smart Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors brings environmental inspections into the 21st century by supporting inspection planning and management, field data collection, and evidence management, all within an integrated suite of digital tools to improve the quality and consistency of inspections.

Tribal Water Quality Data Roadmap

This tool helps Clean Water Act Section 106-eligible tribes submit their data to U.S. EPA’s Water Quality Exchange (WQX).