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Pesticides Label Matching (PLM) simplifies the work of conducting and recording marketplace label inspections. The app displays a pesticide’s registration status, toxicity level, and other useful onsite information when a user enters a U.S. EPA pesticide registration number. Users also can generate and send inspection report emails from within the app.


Pesticide labels have no standard format and can be many pages long. This makes it time-consuming and difficult for field inspectors to verify whether the product has been registered, and that the label includes required information on legal and safe use.


The project aims to consolidate information that until now has been kept in separate places, and to make it accessible via a mobile application. This will not only create efficiencies for field inspectors but will provide useful access to information for consumers and registrants.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced pesticide label inspection program complexity and cost
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced program performance


The mobile application has been beta tested and the user accounts established.

The web application is now available.


  • Finalize the application
  • Build in advanced inspection features


For questions or comments on the PLM App, email

Visit the PLM App website for more information.