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The NPDES E-Reporting Rule Implementation Plan IPT is meant to help authorized States, Territories, and Tribes think through all the major tasks related to Phase 2 electronic reporting. It clearly communicates to EPA how each authorized program intends to implement Phase 2 electronic reporting. These implementation plans can also be used to share information and advice between authorized NPDES programs to help ease implementation of electronic reporting.

The transition from paper to electronic reporting will require close coordination and cooperation between EPA and authorized NPDES programs and will occur in two phases. In accordance with the Final Rule [40 CFR 127.26(h)], authorized NPDES programs must submit an Implementation Plan (IP) to EPA by December 21, 2016, for EPA’s review. The content of these plans must provide enough detail (e.g., key tasks and end dates) to ensure successful implementation of electronic reporting for Phase 2 data.

The IPT held its Kickoff call November 18, 2015.  The IPT delivered its final products and sunsetted on February 4, 2016.