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The Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Rule Modernization Team seeks to identify more cost-effective ways to implement LDAR program monitoring requirements while enhancing environmental benefits using modern technologies and methods.


Vendors and manufacturers have made efforts to invest in new and alternative technology for use in LDAR programs. These devices have the potential to allow operators to locate leaking components in a more efficient manner. However, both industry and regulators have raised significant concerns about adopting new technology in lieu of the current M21-based procedures.


  • Less burdensome and more efficient compliance evaluation
  • Increased the efficiency of monitoring
  • Increased transparency
  • Standardized record keeping and reporting requirements for regulated sources


The LDAR Team developed a report with recommendations for the E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC) to consider in its continued work on the matter. The report includes:

  • Recommendations on how to incorporate advanced technologies and techniques in a modernized rule
  • Recommended options for evaluating data maintenance and reporting requirements
  • Justification for the recommendations based on studies related to cost-effectiveness for implementation and environmental benefits to be achieved: past recommendations for modernizing the LDAR rule; and examples of modernized LDAR requirements domestically and internationally
  • Data that compare the benefits of a modernized rule and the original framework for LDAR
  • Recommendations for short- and long-term activities that would be the most strategic toward modernizing LDAR rules


Leak Detection and Repair Rule Modernization: Proactive Approach for Pollution Prevention and Minimization