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Land Projects

Decision Support Tools for RCRA Waste Generators

This joint effort by U.S. EPA and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) explored potential designs for a user-friendly, decision support tool that would helps facilities to determine their generator status and identify other requirements under RCRA.

E-Enterprise Facility Team (Phase II)

The E-Enterprise Facility Team is seeking to bridge disparate sources of facility data and develop a more comprehensive approach to: 1) enable the regulated community to streamline data collection and reporting requirements and 2) provide a shared facility ID approach to cross-program coordination and access to public information.

e-Manifest for Hazardous Waste

E-Manifest is the national electronic tracking system for transportation of Hazardous Waste.

Hazardous Waste Export-Import Tracking System (WEITS)

The goals of this project are to consolidate regulatory standards and improve the electronic reporting and data sharing capabilities and requirements related to the import and export of hazardous waste.

Pesticides Data Accessibility and Label Matching

The Pesticide Label Matching (PLM) simplifies the work of conducting and recording marketplace label inspections, and provides useful on-the-go information to the regulated community and the public. The app displays simple “cards” showing pesticide’s registration status, toxicity signal word, and other key product information when the user enters an EPA pesticide registration number. Users can also generate and send inspection report emails from within the app.

Smart Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors

Smart Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors brings environmental inspections into the 21st century by supporting inspection planning and management, field data collection, and evidence management, all within an integrated suite of digital tools to improve the quality and consistency of inspections.