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The E-Enterprise Identity Management Solution Project helps U.S. EPA optimize the existing Identity Bridge to decrease the work required for Exchange Network partners to integrate their online applications.


Online environmental applications aim to ease the ability of regulated entities and Exchange Network partners to report and share relevant data, but the process for receiving access to each system independently is redundant, confusing, and time-consuming.


U.S. EPA’s Identity Bridge was created to remedy this problem by allowing end users to access multiple partner applications with their credential of choice from a selection of partner identity providers. Benefits include:

  • Reduced burden for partner integration
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased adoption among partners
  • Improved security of partner interactions


  • Helped states connect their Identity Management Solution with the U.S. EPA Enterprise Bridge to form a Federated Identify Management System
  • Demonstrated how users can navigate through web applications hosted by Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, and the U.S. EPA portal without having to log in multiple times
  • Presented a working demo of the integration work at an Exchange Network conference
  • Developed a plan to improve state electronic reporting


  • Finalize integration and gap analysis documentation
  • Improve technical documentation to support additional partners with integration
  • Establish governance procedures for onboarding, operations and adoption
  • Work to integrate Shared CROMERR Service functionality into the system


Partner Integration and Gap Analysis