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The E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management (EE-FIM) shared service pilot was undertaken to allow users to move between secure state, tribal, and EPA systems with a chosen login. Phase II added two states to this network of trusted systems and developed guidance and documentation needed to add new partners.


Environmental agency staff and the regulated community access a multitude of databases and government services as part of their regular tasks, which makes managing passwords and multiple accounts a burdensome process.


  • Enhanced user experience through more secure and simplified transactions.
  • Reduced cost and burden associated with registering and maintaining multiple identities across applications.
  • Improved two-way business transactions between co-regulators and the regulated community.
  • Improved collaborative work between co-regulators by eliminating barriers between agencies.
  • Reduced costs by providing “Single-Sign-On” functionality to entities that lack the resources to create such a system for themselves.


Phase 2 expanded the trust network to include EPA’s Shared Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule Services, as well as secure data sharing between partners including the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

The project team developed interagency workflows for agency staff to use the EE-FIM system to share air and water quality monitoring and modeling data across state lines and collaborate with other agencies in responding to environmental incidents.

The pilot ended when other commercial and government identity management shared services became available.


EE-FIM Phase I report, Partner Integration and Gap Analysis

For a full explanation of the EE-FIM model, visit the EE-FIM Landing Page

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