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The Digital Strategy team is undertaking a series of sprints to obtain stakeholder feedback on the concept of a Technology Library for E-Enterprise partners. The goal is to provide IT managers, system owners and developers with a library of best practices and modern IT techniques.

For an overview of the Technology Library concept, watch this brief explainer video.

The library would be housed in an interactive canvas organized by key topics, such as data exchange tools, customer-centric design, Cloud, API management, shared platforms, etc. The topics would link to additional information organized by key audience groups, including:

  • Managers: An overview of the technical topic.
  • Mission Staff: A more detailed description of the benefit of the technology and how it can be applied to environmental mission programs.
  • System Owners: Examples and use cases of how the technology is being applied by E-Enterprise partners.
  • System Developers and Technical Staff: Technical guidance, best practices, procedures and standards for implementing the technology.


Sprint Approach

The Digital Strategy team is conducting interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders to obtain their initial input on the Technology Library. This page will be updated with findings from each of the sprints. If you have questions or comments about the findings, please contact Craig Cheney ( and Vince Allen (


Sprint 1: Initial Interviews (November 2020) – Complete

The team conducted discovery interviews with key stakeholders to obtain their initial input on the Technology Library. The Sprint 1 Findings presentation contains the full summary. The key takeaways include:

  • Present content using a template with consistent headings
  • Evaluate whether the matrix is the best presentation approach
  • Develop metadata schema and ensure tagging is a core requirement
  • Ensure the library reflects the Digital Strategy philosophies – e.g., Rent, Buy, Build
  • Limit acronyms, use plain language whenever possible


Sprint 2: Prepare for Focus Groups (December 2020) – Underway

The team updated the Technology Library proof of concept based on feedback received during the Sprint 1 interviews and prepared for the focus groups in Sprint 3. Updates included:

  • Reorganizing the content by personas.
  • Developing content to align with the personas’ information needs.


Sprint 3: Focus Groups (January – February 2021)

The team is conducting three to five focus groups with approximately five participants each to obtain feedback on the Technology Library proof of concept.  The team is still looking for additional focus group participants from states, tribes and EPA.  Please email Craig Cheney ( and Vince Allen ( if you are interested in participating.