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The E-Enterprise Portal is a user-friendly web platform streamlining how the public, the regulated community, and environmental co-regulators conduct environmental transactions and access web resources. Once fully developed, the Portal is envisioned to provide a national gateway to a network of environmental agency portals administered by states, tribes, territories, and U.S. EPA to access integrated environmental information, simplified permitting and reporting transactions, and technological tools.


Separate environmental laws passed over 40 years produced distinct ways in which regulated entities interacted with EPA, states, and tribes under each program. Now, environmental leaders from EPA, states, and tribes are working together to create a better way of doing business to improve environmental outcomes. The E-Enterprise Portal makes it easier for partners to access environmental information and resources, share business improvement solutions and technology, and reduce regulatory burdens and costs.


  • Customize public and regulated access to environmental information
  • Reduce time and costs by moving to online, electronic reporting and permitting
  • Increase transparency regarding environmental decisions and conditions
  • Provide opportunities through joint governance for significant cost savings from sharing technology tools


  • Deployed Be Well Informed with information for private well owners in three states to evaluate well water quality and, if advisable, water treatment options
  • Improved the user interface of the Assistance Gateway, which provides a customized set of federal, state, tribal, and local compliance assistance tools and resources
  • Enabled regulatory users to report directly to CDX data flows using a single sign-on in My Reporting
  • Developed materials to help potential state and tribal partners adopt our tools and develop similar shared tools
  • Developed General Permit Search for two permits issued by EPA
  • Developed a test version of Federal Regulations Finder, which will provide the capability for regulatory users and public to find the appropriate federal laws and regulations and EPA programs that apply based on a substance or keyword


  • Improve user experience
  • Broaden the audience for Be Well Informed, Assistance Gateway, and General Permit Search through partner adoption of the tools
  • Deploy Federal Regulations Finder for broad use


E-Enterprise is based on the principle of continuous improvement, and the Portal team seeks input from E-Enterprise partner agencies on the upcoming milestones listed above. Please email your ideas for improving the Portal to