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What is the E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management Pilot?

The E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management System (EE-FIM) pilot shared service was comprised of the Enterprise Security Bridge as a centralized broker within the system, partner Relying Parties, partner Identity Providers, and Dependent Services to Relying Parties. The EE-FIM system piloted the establishment of a small trust framework to demonstrate how EPA, states, tribes, and local governments could share identity credentials and allow their customers to use a single username and password across applications and participating partner portals.

The project governance group developed an approach for implementing an identity management shared service, as well as content and guidance that would be needed for leveraging the shared service. The guidance includes the Relying Party and Identity Provider Policy Guides, Scope/Claim Criteria, Rules of Behavior, and Change Management Guide. The group also developed outlines for the Relying Party and Identity Provider Policy Guides.

The pilot ended when other commercial and government identity management shared services became available.


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