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Scientists and staff at environmental agencies frequently require critical and current water or air data from other agencies or jurisdictions. Even if these staff can access this external data, it can be burdensome to manage multiple accounts and navigate between online platforms in which data are stored. E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management (EE-FIM) aims to provide access to more data sources, more easily and securely, to enhance environmental protection. EE-FIM unites participating state, U.S. EPA, and tribal-owned online systems into a “trust network” that users can navigate through with the login of their choice.


EE-FIM uses the following process to improve accessibility:

  • E-Enterprise partner agencies can register their web-based systems with the E-Enterprise Security Bridge, making these systems part of the trust network.
  • Users who log into one of these systems with their username and password are issued a digital “identification badge.”
  • The identification badge is honored by other systems in the trust network for a limited period.
  • During that period, users can navigate to – and make transactions between – other systems in the trust network without having to log in multiple times using multiple credentials.


EE-FIM users will be able to use their chosen login to access secure online systems owned by partner agencies across state and regional boundaries, much as you can use your Google or Facebook login to access online services that partner with those companies. The EE-FIM trust network currently includes New Mexico, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Work on this network has taken place over several phases and components; for more information on these, please click one of the links below.



Phase 1 established the EE-FIM trust network by helping agencies more easily integrate their online applications through the E-Enterprise Security Bridge platform.

Phase 2 (current phase) aims to add new partners to the EE-FIM trust network and develop improved workflows and guidelines to help agencies use the network more effectively.

EE-FIM Governance Group (Page Coming Soon): E-Enterprise is currently soliciting state, tribal, and U.S. EPA officials to join this new governance group. The group will focus on the development and maintenance of a set of standards, terms of use, levels of assurance, service levels, and security polices to reinforce trust among agencies using the EE-FIM system.