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What is E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management?

The E-Enterprise Federated Identity Management System (EFIM) is comprised of the Enterprise Security Bridge as a centralized broker within the system, partner Relying Parties, partner Identity Providers and Dependent Services to Relying Parties. The EFIM system will establish a trust framework that will allow EPA, states, tribes, and local governments to share identity credentials and allow their customers to use their username and password across applications and participating partner portals. This can include state, tribal, and local government portals re-using EPA-issued credentials, and also EPA re-using state, tribal, and local government issued credentials.

The EFIM Governance Group currently meets on a monthly basis to make decisions on the guidance that will be presented to partners that want to become a part of the system.

What are the current plans for the project?

Currently, the Governance Group is working on determining the content and guidance that will be within a Service Level Commitment for the system. This document has multiple components which are the Relying Party and Identity Provider Policy Guides, Scope / Claim Criteria, Rules of Behavior and Change Management Guide. The current focus of the group is on the Relying Party and Identity Provider Policy Guides. If you would like to become a part of the Governance Group and to participate in these conversations please contact Alec Ege (

What are the future plans for the project?

Once the Governance Group has completed the components of the Service Level Commitment, the next phase will be to start onboarding states to the Identity Bridge. During this phase the Governance Group will continue to meet regularly to discuss issues that are raised by new users, update documentation, and continuously improve the service. Once the system is fully operational it can be leveraged as a single sign on portal for all federal, state, and tribal partners to access applications across EPA and participating partner portals.


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