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The E-Enterprise Facility Integration Project is developing shared services to connect various sources of regulated facility information to streamline reporting and yield more accurate, timely facility information. An integrated facility identification approach will support regulatory burden reduction, cross-program coordination, and the ability to correct data as it is reported.


The E-Enterprise Facility Team is seeking to bridge disparate sources of facility data and develop a more comprehensive approach to:

  1. Enable the regulated community to streamline data collection and reporting requirements, and
  2. Provide a shared facility ID approach to facilitate cross-program coordination and access to public information.


  • Remove or reduce the reporting burden of redundant facility information for the regulated community
  • Increase efficiency for the regulated community by streamlining data collection and reporting
  • Provide the regulated community, regulators, and the public more accurate and timely facility data
  • Streamline processes for regulators by providing access to timely, more accurate facility information
  • Facilitate broader understanding of facilities across agencies, programs, and the general public


In Phase II, the Facility Team conducted a State Master Data Management (MDM) Pilot with Rhode Island. The pilot implemented shared facility services in a test environment that enable joint facility data management between EPA’s Facility Registry Service (FRS) and Rhode Island’s facility MDM system. This effort will help usher in a new era of joint collaborative information management and allow for higher data quality and more accurate, timely facility information. An Implementation Guide and Lessons Learned Document reflect the results from this pilot.

The team also developed Facility Business Rules (to support integration of facility information) and Facility User Stories (documenting a shared facility approach) that will be further refined in Phase III as more pilots are conducted and facility integration shared services are expanded.

Phase II Materials can be found here.


The Facility Team’s workplan for Phase III includes the following goals:

  • Extend participation in testing shared facility services with additional partners and deploy services to production after sufficient testing;
  • In collaboration with the E-Enterprise Combined Air Emission Reporting project (CAER), perform a gap analysis and pilot Facility web services with the combined reporting form;
  • Perform a pilot to demonstrate that, through EPA’s Facility Registry Service, partners without MDM plans can take advantage of shared facility services and joint data curation;
  • Scope requirements for a unified facility status micro-service to support multiple environmental programs;
  • Scope a facility governance framework and further refine the Facility Business Rules.




  • Phase II Materials (2016-2018): Facility User Stories, Facility Business Rules, and Initial Pilot of Facility Services
  • Phase I Materials (2015-2016): Analysis and Discovery