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The E-Enterprise Facility Integration Project is developing shared services to connect various sources of regulated facility information to streamline reporting and yield more accurate, timely facility information. An integrated facility identification approach will support regulatory burden reduction, cross-program coordination, and the ability to correct data as it is reported.


In Phase II, the Facility team conducted a State Master Data Management (MDM) Pilot with Rhode Island. The pilot implemented shared facility services in a test environment that enables joint facility data management between EPA and Rhode Island’s MDM systems. This effort will help usher in a new era of joint collaborative information management and allow for higher data quality and more timely facility information.

The Facility team developed a draft implementation guide to assist with additional testing of the facility shared services. The implementation guide provides information that other partners need to test the services with their systems and will be refined based on input from subsequent testing.

The team developed another living document, Facility Business Rules to Support Integration of Facility Information (1.0). These business rules will continue to be refined as the facility services incorporate additional fields, such as sub-facility data, and serve as the basis of scoping facility governance requirements.


The Facility Integration Phase II Summary Report offers a high-level overview of Phase II accomplishments of the Facility Team. Phase II results include: