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Air Quality Projects

Advanced Monitoring Strategy and Implementation

The Advanced Monitoring Project aims to advocate and provide a knowledge base for agencies to understand, select, approve and utilize the array of new environmental monitoring technologies.

Combined Air Emissions Reporting (CAER)

The Combined Air Emissions Reporting (CAER) project seeks to develop a process for reporting to four air databases including the National Emissions Inventory via delegated state programs.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Rule Modernization

The Leak Detection and Repair Rule Modernization (LDAR) Team seeks to evaluate studies and analysis from U.S. EPA, state and local agencies, and external organizations (e.g. industry) in order to determine whether there are more cost-effective ways to implement LDAR program monitoring requirements while achieving greater environmental benefits using modern tools such as newer technologies and methods.

SPeCS for SIPs: State Plan Electronic Collection System for State Implementation Plans

U.S. EPA and representatives from 14 state air agencies are building an integrated state plan submittal system called SPeCS (the State Plan Electronic Collection System) designed for state, local, and tribal air agency (air agency) submissions needed to fulfill Clean Air Act (CAA) State Implementation Plan (SIP) obligations.

Village Green Air Monitoring Project

The Village Green Air Monitoring Project is an effort by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with states and local organizations, to provide new ways for communities to learn about local air quality. The project utilizes the U.S. EPA-developed Village Green stations, innovative prototype air and weather measurement systems perched above park benches which measure ozone and PM2.5 levels.